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The exterior of your home is the first thing you see upon your arrival, therefore it is important for your home to not only look great, but to protect you while you're on the inside.  Quality painting ensures that your home will be around for a long time, giving you the look and appearance you value most.

As important as having a solid foundation is, engaging in correct preparation ensures that the final coat is given everything necessary for longevity.

Areas to be addressed are either power washed or hand washed as needed to remove bonding hindrances such as dirt from the building. We prepare the surface by removing all loose paint, scraping it away and sanding exposed wood.


Gaps in clapboards and trim are caulked to prevent moisture damage. Plants and other items are protected and drop cloths are laid out.  Repaired areas are primed, then spot painted and finally the entire surface is coated.  Two topcoats are applied based upon need, product type and aesthetics.  

We make certain that the work site is cleaned daily and upon completion, then we carefully put all items back in their original location.

At PURE VERMONT PAINTING COMPANY we know that the finish coat brings everything together and displays the majesty of a great home. This, along with a finish you're satisfied with is what we provide.

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